Music from a land that disappeared

This page is in preparation and will soon be ready for publication. Meanwhile, if you press the picture beneath, you can download the programme of events for the weekend I organized in 2014 called “Music from the Country that disappeared”.

In 1919, we will remember the 30th anniversary of the Falling of the Wall.

You will also find the interview I did with the actor Reinhard Straube on the conditions of producing the seminal play “Die neuen Leiden des jungen W.” by Ulrich Plenzdorf in 1972 (I was there).

You can contact me if you wish to help put this country back on the map of history by helping the French authorities to remember their obligations towards a people (more than a country, but the two are indissociable) by recognizing the presence of the East German Cultural Centre in the Boulevard Saint Germain for the 8 last years of its existence, of which no trace exists that it ever was there.

Just so we don’t forget.